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What is Aufnahmeprüfung?

Aufnahmeprüfung is an entrance exam to get admission to Studienkolleg in a university. In order to get an admission to a Studienkolleg, it is mandatory to clear Aufnahmeprüfung. Most of the universities ask for B2 level, in order to apply for Aufnahmeprüfung. It consistes of 2 parts:

  1. German language examination. This exam lasts for 60-90 minutes.
  2. Maths examination: This exam lasts for 45-60 minutes.

-Cost of Aufnahmeprüfung:



Syllabus for Aufnahmeprüfung:

T-Kurs, M-Kurs or W-Kurs

But, if you are applying for T-Kurs, M-Kurs or W-Kurs in Studienkolleg, then you will have to appear these Tests in your Aufnahmeprüfung:

  • German Test

You will receive three short factual texts on different topics, which will contain 75 incomplete words, which have to be completed. It is recommended that you do B2, in order to increase your chances to pass your German test in the first go.

Duration: 30 minutes – 60 minutes

In the German test, there are generally two kinds of questions:

  1. C-Test
  2. Lückentest

C- Test: In C-Test, there is an article with some uncompleted words. You have to read the article and have to complete the words.

For example:

Question: Ich wo___ in Berlin und le___ Deutsch.

Solution: Ich wohne in Berlin und lerne Deutsch.

Lückentest: In Lückentest, there is an article with some blanks. You have to read the article and write a suitable word in the blanks.

For example:

Question: Ich  _____ in Berlin und _____ Deutsch.

Solution: Ich wohne in Berlin und lerne Deutsch.

  • Maths Test

You will receive around 9 or 10 mathematical questions. Though, every University has its own set of topics for the Maths test, but here are some topics which cover the Math Test in most of the Universities.

Syllabus for Maths Test:

  1. Fractions
  2. Inequalities
  3. decimals
  4. Basic Algebra
  5. Terms and their transformations
  6. Binomial formulas
  7. Computing with exponents and powers
  8. Polynomial Division
  9. percentage
  10. Linear systems of equations
  11. Linear and quadratic equations
  12. root equations
  13. exponential equations
  14. Linear Functions and their presentation in the coordinate system
  15. Angle, interior angle
  16. Trigonometry, Pythagorean theorem
  17. Logarithmic
  18. Equations with trigonometric functions
  19. Recognition of function graphs (linear, quadratic, polynomial, power, exponential,
  20. Foundations of geometry (eg. simple area and volume calculations, Pythagoras theorem, intercept theorems)
  21. Area contents of plane figures, surface contents of simple bodies
  22. Conversion of mass and volume for homogeneous bodies using density
  23. Basic arithmetic operation with integers numbers and fractions

Calculator or other such devices are not allowed in the examination.

Duration: usually 45 minutes

G-Kurs or W-Kurs:

If you are applying for G-Kurs or W-Kurs in Studienkolleg, then you will have to appear for a German test and a Chart evaluation in your Aufnahmeprüfung.

  • German Test (as mentioned above)
  • Chart Evaluation

There will be a number of statements relating to one or more charts and you will have to judge if these statements are right or wrong or do not apply to the chart (duration: 30 min).

The complete test will take about 90 min (including breaks). This test can be repeated once only.

Sample of Aufnahmeprüfung


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