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Pathway Program in Germany

What is the Pathway Program in Germany?

Pathway program is nowadays very popular among study visa consultants because it is a very easy way to send a student to Germany and in this process, visa consultants earn a lot of money without doing anything in real. Visa consultants ask students to take admission to expensive language schools in Germany + they charge their own visa consultant charges.

A Pathway program is a one-year course and that includes:

  • Language course from A1 to C1
  • 3 months Preparation for Aufnahmeprüfung (entrance exam for Studienkolleg)
  • Paid and expensive assistance from private language schools in Germany to apply in German universities, only if you clear FSP.

Advantages of Pathway program:

  • It is one of the easiest ways to land in Germany.
  • The pathway program requires little or no knowledge of the German language before the student lands in Germany.
  • Pathway program is very beneficial for consultants, as they earn very handsome visa consultation charges by showing dreams of admission to German university to the students.

Disadvantages of Pathway program:

  • Pathway program is very expensive and can cost around 6 lakh rupees to 12 lakh rupees.
  • The pathway program does not guarantee admission to German University.
  • The pathway program does not guarantee admission to Studienkolleg.
  • Pathway program is a very long process and can eat up your one year before you actually start your Studienkolleg.

But my consultant says the pathway program is best!

Yes, of course, a pathway program is best for him/her, but not for you.

My consultants say that they are in this field for the last 1000 years and they have an office in Germany as well.

So what! Experience of 1000 years won’t help you, as consultants working on the basis of Pathway Programs have the same principle, which we mentioned above. Having an office in Germany is not a big thing as many Indians are living in Germany for the past many years, so opening an office in Germany is not a big deal. And very important: You must know, consultancies in the education field are illegal in Germany. This means, no language school in Germany or any consultant in India can guarantee you admission to a public university in Germany.

What should I do then?

Very simple. Find a good language center in your area, where you can actually learn German. Try to learn German till B2. Once you are B2, you can easily clear the entrance test (Aufnahmeprüfung) for Studienkolleg. Solve sample papers of Aufnahmeprüfung to boost your confidence.

Apply for Aufnahmeprüfung in multiple German Universities and get an invitation letter for the exam.

Apply for Visa and go to Germany and give your exams. If you are well prepared, you will clear the exam and get admission to Studienkolleg. After one year of Studienkolleg, you will appear for Feststellungsprüfung (FSP). Once you have FSP, you can apply to your preferred universities and can get admission.

Note: You can also apply for conditional admission letters before you actually apply for Studienkolleg or Aufnahmeprüfung.

What if I did not clear Aufnahmeprüfung?

If you did not clear any of the Aufnahmeprüfung, then you have to come back to your country. In order to avoid this problem, you can apply for Langauge learning Visa for C1 in any not-so-expensive language school in Germany and can stay there for 3 months and can again apply for Aufnahmeprüfung. You can extend your visa further.

Please note: You can extend your visa up to two years for clearing Aufnahmeprüfung and completing your Studienkolleg.

So, if you are really hard-working, you will clear your Aufnahmeprüfung very soon.

How much time will take to learn German A1 to B2 in India?

I can not say about other institutes, but German Haus takes only 6 months for A1-B2 and 8 months for A1-C1. You can complete your B2 within 6 months and German Haus also provides 2-month coaching for the preparation of Aufnahmeprüfung, which will help you to crack Aufnahmeprüfung very easily.

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How much will it cost to learn German A1 to B2 in India?

At German Haus, fees from A1 to B2 is around Rs 76ooo to Rs 85000. If you want to do A1-C1, it will cost you around Rs 1,08,000. And we are sure, fees in other Indian institutes will be around the same or little less or little more. In Germany, you will have to pay Rs 5,00,000 to 7,00,000 + living expenses in Germany.

But if you are not still satisfied and really want to do the pathway program, then you can go ahead and apply for it. You don’t need any middleman. You can apply just by simple Mail to any of these below-given language schools in Germany.

P.S.: We are strictly against Pathway Programs as they promise nothing and cost a huge amount from students’ and their parents’ pockets. Apply to Pathway Programs at your own risk.

List of Private language schools, that deal with Pathway Programs:

1. GISMA, Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg (Private)

Courses offered:

Pathway Program

2. German Language School (GLS), Berlin (Private)

Courses offered:

Pathway Program

3. The Language School, Berlin (Private)

Courses offered:

Pathway Program

4. Nova, Berlin (Private)

Courses offered:

Pathway Program

5. DID Deutsch-Institut Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg (Private)

Courses offered:

Pathway Program

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