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Intensive German Classes

Intevnsive batches for German are our flagship courses. Our Intensive batches for Goethe A1, Goethe A2, Goethe B1 and Goethe B2 focus on 4 modules: Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Why Intensive?

Why not intensive! Intensive batches are the best solution for those students who are applying for bachelors and masters in Germany and Goethe certificate is must for them. Intensive batch saves lot of time and money but at the same end, requires double effort and passion.

Pros and Cons of Intensive batches:


  • Saves lot of time: In regular batch, it will take you 2 months to complete Goethe A1 but with intensive batch, you can complete Goethe A1 and Goethe A2 in two months.
  • Saves money: Intensive batch saves you lot of money. You pay almost half the cost of regular batch, if you enroll yourself in intensive batch.
  • More practical approach: Many practical activities are conducted in class as the number of hours are longer that regular batches, which allows teacher and students to get connected for more number of hours in a stretch.


  • Not for slow learners: If you are a slow learner, then do not join intensive batch. It is a big no for slow learners.
  • Not for students with busy schedule: If you are engaged in different activities through out the day, then intensive batch is not for you.

Course duration

Every month, we start 4 new Intensive batches and focus on A1 + A2 + B1. In the span of 3 months, students get ready for Goethe B1 exam. Duration of Intensive batch is 2.5 hours per day and lasts for one month for Goethe A1, one month for Goethe A2 and one month for Goethe B1.

Total intensive batches in Year : 48

Course duration: 1 month for each level (Goethe A1, Goethe A2 and Goethe B1)

Timings: Kindly contact our office or click here to see timings for new intensive batches.


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