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Basic introduction in German language

Hallo!                                                                               Hello!

  • Mein Name ist _____________.                (My name ist _____________.)
  • Ich bin _________ Jahre alt.                        (I am _____ year old.)
  • Ich komme aus _____________.               (I am from ______)
  • Ich wohne in _____________.                   (I live in _____ .)
  • Ich arbeite als Deutschlehrer./Ich bin Student. (I work as German language teacher./I am student.)
  • Meine Hobbys sind lesen und Fußball spielen.   (My hobbys are reading and playing football.)

Neeraj Pant is one of our most senior teachers and has a very good amount of experience and excellent qualifications in the German language. His passion for teaching German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) has made him leave his high-earning MNC job. Read More

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