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Month: May 2021


Use of “weil” In A1, you must have read about “denn”, which means “because”. “Weil” is another synonyme of “denn” and it means of course “because”. Like denn, weil is also a connector and joins two sentences. For example: Ich esse nicht heute denn ich habe keinen Hunger.          Read More…

Reflexive Verben

Reflexive Verben mit Akkusativ For many German learners reflexive verbs are a big headache but in reality, they are quite easy. There is a short to understand them and this short cut is: don’t try to understand them, just try to use them. You must understand, there are some verbs in Read More…

Futur 1

Future tense (भविष्य काल) is used to express your actions, position or state in the future. For example: I will go to Germany. मैं जर्मनी जाऊंगा। He will be learning German. वह जर्मन सीख रहा होगा। In the German language, we have 2 types of future tense: Futur 1 (सामान्य भविष्य Read More…

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