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Use of “weil”

In A1, you must have read about “denn”, which means “because”. “Weil” is another synonyme of “denn” and it means of course “because”. Like denn, weil is also a connector and joins two sentences.

For example:

Ich esse nicht heute denn ich habe keinen Hunger.                      I am not eating today because I have no hunger.

Ich esse nicht heute, weil ich keinen Hunger habe.                     I am not eating today because I have no hunger.

Important things about weil:

  • weil makes Nebensatz. This means, the verb will go at the end.
  • Before weil, you need to use a comma (,)
  • weil is more comman than denn.
  • Generally, we don’t start a sentence with weil. For this, we have another synonyms i.e. da.

Some more examples:

Es gibt viele Leute auf der Straße, weil es Wochenende ist.

Ich kann nicht BMW kaufen, weil es sehr teuer ist.

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