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Reflexive Verben

Reflexive Verben mit Akkusativ

For many German learners reflexive verbs are a big headache but in reality, they are quite easy. There is a short to understand them and this short cut is: don’t try to understand them, just try to use them.

You must understand, there are some verbs in German language, which come with an extra component and that component is sich and you need to change this sich as per the subject/doer of the sentence.

For example:

sich ärgern

In  this case, you need to change sich as per subject and of course conjugate ärgern as per the subject.

Ich ärgere mich.

Du ärgerst dich.

Er/sie/es ärgert sich.

Wir ärgern uns.

Ihr ärgert euch.

Sie/sie ärgern sich.

You must learn the reflexive pronoun.

Ich                              mich

du                               dich

er/sie/es                    sich

wir                              uns

ihr                              euch

Sie/sie                       sich

Position of “nicht” with reflexive verbs:

“Nicht” ist placed after reflexive pronoun.

For example:
Ich langweile mich nicht.

Ich muss mich nicht beeilen.

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