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What to include in SOP for Masters in Germany?

What is SOP?

SOP stands for Statement of Purpose. It is actually a long essay of around 1000 words, which you need to submit to your University in Germany. SOP helps university to understand the candidate, his goals, his life, his motivation for the chosen course and university etc, so it means, SOP has to be very effective. One thing to understand, every SOP is different. An SOP for MBA is different from an SOP for M.Sc. An SOP for Masters is different from an SOP for Bachelors. So, in this blog, we will learn about the content, which we should include in our SOP, in order to make it effective.


1. Personal and Financial background

  • Talk about you. Introduce yourself. Avoid talking about your family.

  • Give a brief about your financial background.

2. Academic goals

  • What will you learn from your Masters in Germany?

  • How will you use that knowledge, which you would gain in Masters?

3. Professional goals

  • What are your short term and long term professional goals?

  • What is/are your career goal/s?

  • What will you do in your life?

4. Extracurricular activities

5. Your projects in Bachelors

  • It is an important part your SOP.

  • Include your all major Projects, related to your Masters in Germany.

6. Your success and failures

  • List down your success and failures in your career life

  • Plan to overcome the failures

7. Work Experience

  • Full time job experience

  • part time job experience

  • Internship

  • Any voluntary work

8. Published work

  • Paper submitted

  • Seminars attended

  • Workshops attended

  • any work published

9. Your personal motivation

  • Why this course?

  • Why this University?

  • Why Germany?

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