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How to learn German A1 and A2

How to learn German A1 and A2?

This question is very important for all the beginners, who have just joined the course. A1 and A2 are the fun levels and they must be done with fun and no pressure. We have noticed, beginners are anxious about the language and have so many doubts in their minds, and when these doubts remain unanswered, they create a block, which hampers the learning speed.

These doubts are because of the following factors:

  • Language shock:
    German is a foreign language, and sometimes, students are unable to compare it with any of their known languages and get a language shock. We advise you to wait, time and practice will make the language easier for you.
  • The pressure of knowing everything:
    Indian students have always this tendency to know every word in a text and they just want to understand the whole grammar. For them, grammar is the only important thing in a language. Well, this is not the case here. You don’t need to know everything. It is very much okay if you don’t understand something.
  • Indian education system:
    In our education system, marks are the most important thing, so do understand the students while learning the German language. They have many queries about the examination and that too, on the first few days. Don’t discuss the examination until 80 % of the syllabus is covered.
  • Fear of doing mistake:
    Some students have fear of doing mistakes, and then they speak less and write less to avoid mistakes. It is okay to do mistakes. German is not our mother tongue, it is a foreign language for us. Germans also do grammar mistakes. So, just chill. Ask yourself, are you an expert in your mother tongue. The answer is simply “No”. Then how could you expect expertise in a foreign language? This is so unfair.
  • Subject versus language:
    Students try to learn the German language as a subject, i.e. they want notes, they want theoretical knowledge, they want extra books, Pdfs, they want the explanation for Grammar rules, and what not. STOP THIS! And just speak the language. Language comes when you speak.
  • Too much English:
    Beginners try to compare the German language with English and want the translation for every word in English. Even in the German class, they speak too much English. STOP USING ENGLISH. The lesser you speak English in the class, the more you learn German.
  • No Homework – No fun:
    Some students don’t do their homework and then the next day, they are unable to understand a large chunk in the classroom, and then they blame the language, teacher, Government, Stars, and what not. So, the simple rule is: Do your homework daily.
  • Attend classes regularly:
    Don’t skip the classes. One class skipped means, two classes gone. And sadly, there is hardly any alternative, if you skip the classroom.

So, if we sum up all the points above, they will be:


  1. Practice German every day.
  2. Speak German in class.
  3. Revise your vocab every day. Use Glossary.
  4. Follow the Grammar rules. Don’t question them. Don’t ask ”Why?’
  5. Do your homework daily.
  6. Use Google Image to see images of new German words. See a picture and understand the German word without any English translation.
  7. Try to guess the meaning of the German word with the help of context. Even if you are wrong, it will increase your comprehension skills.


  1. Don’t try to understand each and every word in the text.
  2. Don’t focus too much on examination in class.
  3. Don’t jump to new topics or new words. Revise the topics and words, which you have already done in class.
  4. Don’t worry about mistakes. Just speak and write.
  5. Don’t speak or use English in class.
  6. Never compare German with English.
  7. Never use Google Translator. Instead, use the Glossary provided to you.
  8. Don’t skip classes.
  9. Don’t focus too much on Grammar. Important thing is that you speak in German.

Learning material for A1

  1. Glossary – Revise your vocab chapter wise.
  2. Videos– See at least 1 or 2 videos every day.
  3. Grammar – Read grammar topics chapter wise.

Learning material for A2

  1. Glossary – Revise your vocab chapter wise.
  2. Videos– See at least 1 or 2 videos every day.
  3. Grammar – Read grammar topics chapter wise.

Neeraj Pant is one of our most senior teachers and has a very good amount of experience and excellent qualifications in the German language. His passion for teaching German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) has made him leave his high-earning MNC job. Read More

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