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How to use Klett Augmented application

Hello all, in this post, we will learn the usage of the most important application for a German language learner, i.e. Klett Augmented.

What is Klett Augmented?

Klett Augmented is a free application from the publishing house Klett. In this application, you will get all the audio files and video files of the books published by Klett free of cost, including Netzwerk, Apsekte, etc.

How to download Klett Augmented?

Klett Augmented for Android

Klett Augmented for Apple

How to use Klett Augmented?

Step 1: Download and install the application. Start the application.

Step 2: Click on the option ”Bilderkennung”. It is the first option from the left bottom.


































Step 3: A list of books will be loaded.

































Step 4: Find your course book/ workbook, whose audios/videos you want to listen to. You can either scroll down the list and search for it manually or type its name in the search box.

































Step 5: You can also put that book in your favorite list by clicking on the heart symbol in front of the book. This will save your search time in the future. All your favorite books can be found by clicking on the heart symbol on the top right.


































Step 6: Click on the book. Your camera will start. You need to scan the page of the book, whose audio you want to listen to.

































Sometimes, scanning does not work properly so you can also click on the option on the top left to get all the page numbers, on which there are audios or videos. You can directly go to a specific page.

































Step 7: Select the desire page number and you will find its audios and videos.

































Step 8 (optional): You can also download the content by clicking the download symbol while the item is being played. This will help you to access the content when you are offline.

































We hope, now you are able to use the application. If not, contact your teacher for further help.

Thanks and Regards
Team German Haus

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