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How to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Masters in Germany

Statement of Purpose is a very important document, while applying for admission in Masters in Germany.  There is no secret formula of writing an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP). One has to keep few things in mind. SOP is a purely individual aspect and hence, one should avoid copying if from anyone. Every SOP is different as every time, it belongs to a new individual, new career goals, different courses, different plans, different experience and different life. Here are few factors, you need to keep in mind, while preparing an SOP:


1. Course Requirements

  • Inform yourself about the requirement of your Masters in Germany. Every University and every course have their own requirements and parameters. Universities may ask to answer you some specific questions in your SOP.

  • Do not cross the word limit of the SOP. SOP for Masters in Germany should not exceed 1000 words.

2. Do not copy from Internet

  • Kindly do not copy from other SOPs, if needed, you can have few ideas and hints from other SOPs, but a total copy is a Big No No.

  • If you need to copy something from Internet, make sure, you do not copy the complete sentence.

3. Check your spelling, Grammar, punctuation and other mistakes

  • Once you are done with your SOP, give it a deep proof reading to check any mistake.

  • Take help from spell-check applications and tools.

  • Check the Grammar thoroughly.

  • If needed, take help from an English teacher or any person, who is an English professional.

4. Go thorough other SOP samples

  • Now a days, there are hundreds of SOP samples in internet. Read few of them thoroughly to check, if you missed any aspect.

  • Not down the impressive points and use them in your SOP as well. Of course, you need to re-write them, instead of copying.

5. Ask your near ones for ideas

  • Let your friends, family members, teachers etc read your SOP, in order to get other perspectives, which you might have missed.

6. Improve it again

  • Once, SOP has been written, you need to improve it by re-writing few sentences in a better way.

  • Make sure, you are not using difficult words to convey simple things.

  • Cut down unnecessary words without altering the meaning of your sentence.

  • Do not try to complete your SOP in one go. Take long breaks, take rest, drink coffee or even sleep. Come back and improve it further.

  • Keep it improving, until your reach the level of satisfaction.

7. Ask us to review your SOP

  • You can send your final SOP to or can contact The Language Office regarding help for SOP.

Here are some sample SOPs for Masters in Germany. Kindly have a look:

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