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In this blog, we will be learning indefinite articles in the German language.

In the German language, we have 3 genders and these are masculine, feminine, and neutral and for each gender, there is a different indefinite article.

For example:

  • a man                   ein Mann            (masculine)
  • a women             eine Frau             (feminine)
  • a car                     ein Auto              (neutral )

Some more examples:


  • A man is reading an online newspaper.        Ein Mann liest eine Online-Zeitung.
  • A boy is writting an email.                               Ein Junge schreibt eine E-Mail
  • This is a computer.                                          Das ist ein Computer.


  • A woman is buying a book.                             Eine Frau kauft ein Buch.
  • This is a scissor.                                                Das ist eine Schere.
  • A lady needs a magazine.                                 Eine Frau braucht eine Zeitschrift.


  • A car is there.                                                     Es gibt ein Auto.
  • This is a cycle.                                                    Das ist ein Fahrrad.
  • A motorcycle is always a good option.        Ein Motorrad ist immer gute Option.


Neeraj Pant is one of our most senior teachers and has a very good amount of experience and excellent qualifications in the German language. His passion for teaching German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) has made him leave his high-earning MNC job. Read More

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